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Never worry about your WordPress website Updates, Backups, Uptime, or Security Monitoring again!

Enjoy ongoing support and guidance from our dedicated team of Australian WordPress experts.

So you can make an informed decision, these are the benefits of our website care plans:

  • peace of mind that all software is up to date, secure against any unwelcome attacks and that your website is actually online and operational for your customers and users.

  • Quick restore if anything goes wrong.

  • Assistance with managing the content on your site (up to 3 hours of basic updates).

  • Continual improvement of search engine visibility and results.

  • Monthly Website Audit Report. (health check; which covers broken links, Meta tags, speed, and more.)
    The monthly website audit starts from a general analysis of your website aimed at revealing the actions needed to improve search engine optimization (SEO

  • Monthly Website Analytics Report.
    (Traffic) analysis of the visitors behaviour to your website and shows the acquisitions and sources of visitors as well as the performance of pages.